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Reduce financial and emotional costs of your divorce

Divorce is a hardship for everyone involved. If your divorce is mutual, you may be eligible for a Fast Dominican Divorce by mutual consent. Our multilingual divorce attorneys have 50+ years experience in the field. We will work with you to obtain a discreet, cost-effective, highly confidential and legally binding divorce. We are among the few Dominican law firms listed by the U.S. Embassy in the city of Santo Domingo. We will assist both parties throughout the entire process to ensure that your divorce is handled quickly with high confidentiality, professionalism, and integrity, so you can move on with your life as fast and as painless as possible, no matter where you live*

According to Dominican Divorce Law No.142, foreign citizens and Dominican nationals residing outside of the Dominican Republic can submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Dominican courts and file a divorce by mutual consent in one day. This provision waives domicile, residency, separation, and waiting periods.


You will fly to the Dominican Republic for 1 day, have your hearing, and generally, within 15 to 20 business days**, each spouse will receive a set of divorce documents. All terms and conditions of the martial separation agreement or property settlement distribution is kept totally confidential.

How does a Fast Dominican Divorce work?

Absolutely! In fact, the Dominican Divorce is valid in the USA, Canada, Europe and several other countries worldwide*. It is also recognized by:

Can U.S. citizens use the Dominican Fast Divorce?

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A Fast Divorce requires a divorce by mutual consent. Both parties must:

What is involved in a Fast Dominican Divorce?

For more information on the Fast Domincan Divorce, you can visit the follow websites:

Where can I find more information?

*Not everybody is eligible to file for a Dominican Fast Divorce. While this proceeding does allow for foreign citizens to file their divorce in the Dominican Republic, there are certain conditions that apply. Contact us today at info@dlawyers.com to see if you qualify to file for the Dominican Fast Divorce.

** time may vary depending on the work overload of the courtroom assigned to your case

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Divorce document
  • Be aware of the divorce proceeding during the entire time;

  • Agree, in writing, to the division of assets, property, debts, child custody, child support, alimony and income tax considerations;

  • Sign a Marital Separation Agreement and a Special Power of Attorney to our lawyers;

  • Have the documents notarized and authenticated by the local authorities in their jurisdiction; and

  • At least 1 of the spouses must fly to the Dominican Republic to appear in person before the judge at the divorce hearing.

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