Elisabetta Pedersini

Founding Partner

Elisabetta is co-founder and partner in charge of dealing with private clients, high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, affluent families, celebrities, pro-athletes, closely held corporations, high-end defendants, high-ranking executives, music producers, nobility, foreign investors, family offices, insurance companies, largest private employers, Fortune 500 corporations, foundations, Private and Commercial Airlines.

She advises individuals from all walks of life, and corporate clients on all aspects of their personal and commercial legal needs, including International complex litigation, Family Law, White-collar Defense and Special investigations, Wills, Probate, Estate Fiduciary controversy matters, Real Estate transactionsPrivate and Commercial Aviation matters. 

As a consequence of families' and companies' increased mobility between different countries, clients are now frequently faced with international issues arising in their cases. Elisabetta provides a distinct global outlook when it comes to litigation. She comprehends the technicalities of the case, recognizes the importance of a robust defense, and has a profound understanding of the Law. She considers the cultural differences, native language, and environment of her clients, along with the appropriate factors, to develop a successful litigation strategy.

Fully committed to high performance, confidentiality, privacy, and discretion, Elisabetta is a fixer and a problem solver. She has outstanding negotiation skills, and her instinctively global business perspective and vision translate into her clients' best personalized legal concierge assistance.

Elisabetta was born and raised in Italy. She is fluent in five languages and has received extensive education in Europe, the Dominican Republic, and the USA. This has given her a profound knowledge of foreign cultures and legal systems, including civil and common law. Her expertise in these areas enables her to understand her clients better and provide them with successful solutions for their legal needs.

In 2007, she was recognized as "Leading Private Client's Advisor" and presented with the prestigious Citywealth Platinum Award in Monaco.

Elisabetta is also a renowned co-author of various books and guides in the field of Comparative International Family law and Private Client Law, such as the best-selling publication of the definitive guide to Family Law: Global Guide, also known to family practitioners around the World as the "Blue Book," a must-have guide with content reflecting family law across 62 major jurisdictions throughout the world; International Relocation of Children a global guide providing essential reading for lawyers specializing in international family law and the international child relocation law; and the Private Client Law in the Dominican Republic, all published by Thomson Reuters.

She is a dedicated international community member and an active Rotarian. In addition, she has served as an adjunct professor at NYU SPS. She has been contributing her services pro bono to various global research projects such as The World Bank and The World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index. Furthermore, she has been working as a pro bono translator for The National Cancer Institute and Greenpeace International.

Elisabetta is proficient and fluent in six languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

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